Day 190

January 31, 2017

So I just got my bag searched. We were in the Coachabamba airport on our way to Miami. Coachabamba is known for its cocaine industry, so when the security guard came across a bag of white, fluffy things he got suspicious. He repeatedly asked me (gestured, because he couldn’t speak English) what they were? Do you eat them? Is it chocolate? I couldn’t respond. I was too busy turning beet red, and laughing to the point of tears. Everyone else was waved through. I was the last one at the table as “Curious George” meticulously dissected the suspicious objects, looked at them very closely, and smelled them. I was holding my breath hoping he wouldn’t taste them! I was a little worried when he called in some of his colleagues to assist him in his examination. How in the world was I supposed to explain to them what they were for? I tried the English word, Spanish word, gestures, even Google translate! After about 20 minutes they reluctantly let me through, though I’m pretty sure they still didn’t get it. Who knew tampons could cause so much trouble.



2 thoughts on “Day 190

  1. In 1980 when John and I travelled in Central America I got my bag searched every time…so I put my tampons on top and that was the end of that, once they realized what they were, they were way too embarrassed to go any farther… enjoy your next adventure!


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