Day 123

November 27, 2016 
We all seem to take turns getting sick. Luke, Jake and I were all sick for a few days, now it’s Naomi’s turn. Bolivia is hard on people’s stomaches. 
Mom, Dad and I went with Willy, our Spanish teacher, to his church. It was really cool with lots of loud, high energy, dancing and singing. Afterwards we went to a Bolivian restaurant, which was so good. It was a 4 course meal for 35 Bolivianos per person which is about 7 Canadian dollars.
The boys made it down the World’s Most Dangerous Road on mountain bikes and then they stayed in a Hostel overnight with some of the volunteers. One of the girls wiped out and didn’t remember anything about the trip. She also got a road rash from her spill. It was a three hour downhill bike ride from 6000 meters down to the Amazon. 
We are starting to plan what we are going to do after we are done in Bolivia in mid January. It is a difficult decision but it looks like we are heading to Africa


4 thoughts on “Day 123

  1. Sorry to hear you are all having stomach problems. And, the water situation! Doug and I are thinking of you all and envious of the great experience you are having in Jupapina! Please give our love to Emma, Rolando, David and Belle. And a big hug to Maxima at the pre-schoo!


  2. Hi Hannah,
    I look forward to your blog, and find it very interesting. I like that you write something often . sounds like you are doing and learning so much. Sure hope you are full feeling better real soon
    Hello to all, Grandma G


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