Day 97

October 31, 2016

A lot of things are going on. 

- We have surf lessons tomorrow.

- The moho is infested with ants.

- It’s Halloween.

- In 3 days we will have been gone for 100 days.

- The car is fixed. 

I’m very excited for surfing tomorrow from 11-1pm, Matt (the surf instructor) said we are guaranteed to stand up, so we will see. 

I hate ants.. I hope they die soon.

This is the first Halloween that I haven’t dressed up for. On the bright side we are going to get Halloween treats once they are on sale. Halloween in San Diego is obviously different than at home. They hand out candy at all of the shops along the main street, not at the house . There are also not many kids my age trick or treating. They are all little kids and adults. Also, they started trick or treating at around 4:30-5:00, we usually start at around 8:00. I guess it’s because of all the little children. I am really missing Halloween at home. Today is one of those homesick days where you can imagine what you would be doing right now, but know you can’t 

In 3 days I want to have cheese fondu. It’s going to be Naomi and Luke’s day to cook on the 100th day.  

Dad and Jake got the car fixed today while Naomi and I did school for 4 hours. 

Our days haven’t been very productive as you can probably tell.. I think it’s because one, we aren’t driving very far anymore, and two, we are lazy… 



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