Day 91-96

October 25, 2016

Today we drove through San Francisco. Turns out the traffic wasn’t as bad as we thought it would be, but we were very strategic on the time we picked to drive through which was 10:00am. Some of the comments on websites we looked at said San Francisco is terrible for traffic. It was definitely no Invermere, but it was pretty much just like Calgary. Now all we have to worry about is driving though LA which sounds a lot worse.  

We are in Gilroy at the moment. I think we are heading to Santa Barbra next. It is not raining anymore, in fact it is actually very sunny and warm! We got stuck in a Walmart parking lot after stopping to pick up groceries. The moho wouldn’t start so Mom, Luke and Dad spent the afternoon calling towing companies and mechanic shops. All of the mechanics wouldn’t even look at the moho. Turns out Dad left the lights on and our box jumper wasn’t charged all the way. Thank goodness that wasn’t the end of the Zehnderprise! I am happy to say we made it out of there and are now camping on the side of the highway at the Big Sur along the California coast. 

October 24, 2016 

We are going to go to the aquarium where Finding Dory was set. It is called the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I’m very excited!!  

The aquarium was so cool! We got to see the divers feed the sharks, and the trainers feed and train the sea otters! After visiting the aquarium we went to Hula’s Grill and Bar for dinner (all we had eaten all day were granola bars and fruit.) Naomi and I shared a very greasy bacon cheese burger and fries(it was kinda gross but definitely appreciated.) 

We are going to continue driving for a few more hours to just outside of Santa Barbra where there should be a state campground. 

October 27, 2016 

At first I couldn’t believe that the entire population of Canada would fit into California, but after driving through LA, I believe it. This place makes Toronto look small. I think you have to see it with your own eyes to understand how humans are so over populated. I almost feel bad that my family had four kids (not really because then I wouldn’t be alive.. but still.) Anyways, I feel like our family belongs in small towns so I don’t think we need to worry about moving to a city any time soon. 

Dad has been dreading driving the Zehnderprise through LA since we started planning our trip. I will never forget when we were in the middle of the freeway, driving through LA at ten o’clock at night, in eight lanes of traffic, after planning our route very strategically, and the GPS says…. recalculating… Dad got so worried he was yelling, “what are you doing?” at the GPS. Then once we got it under control he looks at it, and he says “I will shoot you if you ever do that again.” (Fun story time..:) ) 

October 28, 2016 

We have arrived in San Diego!!! Everyone is in a good mood today! We are finally done with long stretches of driving. All the moving we will be doing from here on will be between a couple of different camp sites. 

I can’t wait to learn how to surf! It looks fun. Also I hope we can go diving soon; the last time I went diving was in Honduras, and I miss it. 

We did nothing all day. Just chilled, and slept after the stressful drive through LA. 

October 29, 2016 

Today I was forced to run again, in the heat, which really sucked. 

We are now moving campsites, and making a Costco run (we are running out of food.) We have been going through food like crazy. 

October 30, 2016  

It’s Halloween tomorrow and it will be the first Halloween that I haven’t been in Invermere or dressed up for.  

For a special Halloween treat we ate really delicious Japanese ice cream things that were flavoured ice cream in some sort of rice ball thing. I think they are called Mâché Balls.. something like that. 


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