Day 113 

November 16, 2016

We made it to La Paz at 3am and ended up going to sleep at about 5am and slept until 11am. 
It is really beautiful here with out in the countryside with all of the mountains. They remind me of home. . I am really tired though and the altitude is 3000m compared to 1200m at home so I think it is getting to me a bit. 

Today we had our orientation around town.. We visited the zoo where the boys will be working, then went to the daycare where Naomi and I will be working, then to the horse therapy place where Mom will be working. We got the whole spiel on the rules and schedules, and I think we will settle in here nicely:).   
I love it here. Their cultures are so different from home. I think we are going to get some Spanish lessons, so we will probably leave here with some new words in our vocabulary, wish me luck. 



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