Stuck in Van (September 28 – October 13)

Two weeks was much longer then we intended to spend in Vancouver. We were stalled over and over due to business that needed to be taken care of before we left the country. Auntie Joanne, my mother’s cousin, and her husband Uncle Mick were gracious enough to let us stay at their house in Langley. It was a dream come true as they had a tennis court with a basketball hoop where Jacob and I spent many an afternoon. They also had a hot tube which Dad was very appreciative of and Mom loved the cappuccino machine. Dad visited a doctor and found out that he does indeed have poly-myalgic rheumatica arthritis, but fortunately he can postpone taking any major medications until we get back!


Thanks Giving in the Zehnderprise

Despite business being the reason for most of our trips into Vancouver, we were still able to do some sightseeing. On one particular day, Grandma Mayvis surprised us by meeting us in Stanley Park for a bike ride! She flew out from Saskatchewan to see us one last time before we left Canada. We spent the afternoon biking along the ocean edge all the way around the park. Jake and I shared a tandem bike which was pretty entertaining for us and pretty scary for anyone around us. That same night, Mom’s Aunt Ella took us to Fly Over Canada! It was a 4D movie set up for the Olympics to show people all the different types of terrain within Canada. The acceleration effects were spot on making it feel like you were actually flying and they released certain smells related to which ever province you were currently over top of. While in Vancouver, there were lots of great meals with Mom’s cousins and Aunt. We also enjoyed several visits with the Lucas family and a hike up the Grouse Grind as well as a night at the Schauffley’s.


Post Grouse Grind

Over the weekend, Auntie Joanne and Uncle Mick took us to their beach house down on Whitby Island in the States. The island was used as a defensive point during the second world war to protect against potential threats from Japan. There were some interesting retractable cannons that could be stowed away behind the wall. Also on the island was a drive-in theatre that Jake, Naomi, Hannah, and I went to. The movie started at 7:00 but people were there lining up by 4:00 to get a spot, basically camping out all afternoon waiting for the movie. They surprised us when they showed two movies consecutively which was nice for us but resulted in Mom and Dad think we were in a car accident. It was defiantly a unique experience as far as movie watching goes. Jacob also became the proud owner of a second hand unicycle that we picked up at a pawn shop on Whitby, and he spent many hours mastering it before we headed south.


Dinner at the beach house

All in all, I really enjoyed Vancouver. It was a nice break to settle in one place for 2 weeks after moving every day in the Zehnderprise. The city also provided an interesting contrast to the simplicity of the Yukon and Northern British Columbia. We had planned on 2 months for the Washington/Oregon coast but after our troubles getting off Haida Gwaii and our prolonged stay in Vancouver, we were left with only 1 month. So finally, with all our work and visiting out of the way, we headed south out of the country, towards Portland and the rain.


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