Tried to go to Langley, made it to Kelowna… (September 21-24, 2016)


“Have you guys been hunting?” the lady behind the BC ferry desk asked us on our way off the island. It wasn’t until we were on the boat heading towards Prince Rupert that we realized it was probably because of how we looked. Dad with a beard, Jake and I with scruff, and everyone with long shaggy hair. Haida Gwaii was a great part of our journey, but after 25 days we were happy to finally be back on the mainland! Instead of spending the night in Prince Rupert, we pressed on to Terrace.


Drive from Terrace to Prince George

It seemed like as we were driving from Terrace to Prince George the seasons were changing from summer to fall. The dark green trees on the coast slowly changed to bright yellow the further inland we got. The landscape also changed. We started out driving through narrow valleys between tall peaks which slowly transitioned to foothills and finally prairie. Every few days the Zehnderprise would have difficulties starting ,so we were planning on spending a few days in Prince George to have that checked. We were just outside the city when we got a phone call saying that Grandpa was being air lifted to Kelowna. He needed a pacemaker put in, so we decided to take the opportunity and drive on through to Kelowna to meet him at the hospital.


Visiting Grandpa in the Hospital

The next few days in Kelowna consisted of multiple visits to the hospital and a few drives around the surrounding countryside. Uncle David was on his way out to the coast, so he stayed with us on his way through. Just before the surgery, we stopped in to wish Gramps good luck. Moral was in short order. “Nice guy,” he grumbled under his breath motioning towards the thin curtain that separated him and his room mate, “but geez the snoring!” Little did Grandpa realize that it was actually a woman. Post surgery, Grandpa was feeling much better so we took him out for his favourite meal, a little Kentucky Fried Chicken! On our way out of Kelowna, we dropped the Zehnderprise off to get the starter checked. We thought we might have to fix a leaky toilet as well, but we were able to acquire a pressure regulator which was a much cheeper and easier solution. We put in a new battery as well hoping to fix the starting issue.


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