Day 90!!

October 23, 2016

1o days from now we will have been on the road for 100 days. I decided I’m going to make cupcakes:)

This morning we had a meeting about where we are going to go after today. We decided we are going to go to Bogota Bay for sleeping, then go into Santa Rosa to fix the car because, something is wrong with the hitch or something I don’t really understand what’s happening with that.

I am really excited because we are getting into the part of the trip that I am most excited for, scuba diving and surfing!! Now that we are in California we are getting into surf country, and I’ve seen a few dive shops around so we might do a quick dive:)

We are staying the night in a place called Bodega Bay. It is beautiful here from what I have seen (not that much). I’m trying to get as much school work done as I can so that I can enjoy surfing when we get to San Diego.


4 thoughts on “Day 90!!

  1. Good to hear you are all still alive, haven’t heard from the clan in awhile!

    Sorry for the abridged conversation Ruth, when we were in Michigan.

    Hope all is going well, and the sickies are healing!


    • Hi Paul,
      We made it to San Diego two days ago. It is so nice to have some sunshine! We were thankful to make it through L.A. and San Francisco without an incident with the Moho. Mark had some lab results back and everything is looking pretty good. He is controlling things with vitamin I and naproxen. Hello to your clan. R


  2. Hannah, thanks for doing the blog. It has been very enjoyable following the Zehnder escapades, so far. I must give updates to many patients who come to the clinic as they are always asking what you all are doing and where you have visited.


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