Day 88

October 21, 2016

Today we are trying to get closer to the warmth. We don’t quite know how far we are going to go but hopefully where we end up will be warmer and raining less.

It has been over two months already. 88 days to be exact. It’s crazy but it feels like we just left yesterday. I still miss home, my friends and Charles my cat a lot, but I’m getting used to being away. I mean I have woken up a few times thinking I was in my room at home, but I think that’s normal…I hope 🙂

We are stopped at a Fred Meyer grocery store in Brookings to get some groceries. Hopefully they don’t stop us when we enter California to take away our new fruit and veggies.

The day we crossed the border into California the sun came out. We stopped at an agriculture inspection station thing, don’t worry they didn’t take anything. They just waved us on and that was that.

We are camping just above a beautiful beach called Agate Beach (there seems to be a lot of those.) Luke and I ran down to the to see the sunset but we just missed it 😦

From what I have seen the redwood forest is amazing. We saw the Big Tree today, 96m tall and the circumference was 68ft. The largest Sitka spruce that we saw at Quinalt was a circumference of only 59.11ft. (I have seen a lot of big trees..)

Today was a long day of driving, but I like driving. Its easy you don’t have to do anything, just chilax and read, or sleep. (You can look out the window as well, that works too;) )


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