Day 87

October 20, 2016

Today we “slept in…” if you call 9:30 sleeping in. Then I went and showered, which I really shouldn’t have because little did I know we were about to go and get full of sand. Every one but Mom went, we went into these sand dunes and climbed them to the top. At the top the wind whipped the sand so hard at your ankles it felt like you were repeatedly getting stabbed with pins and needles. Climbing to the very top of a big dune, the wind pushed me up so I wasn’t tired when I got up there. I got sand all in my newly washed hair, all over my face, and on my clean pj’s. great!… it was so worth it! I unzipped my jacket and it kept me upright while I leaned forward. It was very exciting and fun (Honeyman Memorial Park.)

We are just leaving Sunset Bay where we ate broccoli soup for lunch, and we are staying at Humbug Mountain campground tonight.

I made delicious cupcakes 5 minutes ago… They are all gone. That was a great representation of my family, no delayed gratification whatsoever. Yep that sounds just about right, I mean the other week we got 2 giant bags of chips, 1 big bag of popcorn and another of munchies , they were all gone in a week and they were supposed to last us the month. ( the struggles…)


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