August 30 – September 3, 2016 (Masset, BC and Agate Beach)

Masset is much bigger than Queen Charlotte City. We finally have showers and laundry again, though it costs us a bit to clean everyone up. We took a spin around the town visiting the surf shop, and the hardware store where we bought a couple of cheep dip nets to try our hand at crabbing. We also watched a group of four men who were working on a reconciliation totem pole that’s going to be placed at UBC at the beginning of October. By the end, the amount of time all the carvers will spend on it will be equal to one man spending 10 years working on the pole. I can only imagine how much such a pole would cost…

DSC_6178.jpegTeam of totem carvers


The next couple days were spent just north of Masset at a campground on Agate Beach. Our time was spent walking along the beach, climbing Tow Hill, and checking out the blow hole. Tow Hill is the remains of an eroded volcano and is very prominent on the horizon. We made the short climb in the evening and looked out off the cliff edge as the sun set below the horizon. The blow hole is a hole in the rock that is oriented in such a way that when the waves come in, the water shoots up into the sky. We only saw it go about 3 m or so, but we heard it can get much higher. We also tried our hand at crabbing, though most of the crabs have been fished out by big ships. To crab, you walk back and forth in the water at knee height until you come across a crab and then, you net em! The water was freezing, but after about 2 minutes we couldn’t feel our legs so it was fine.  Jake managed to catch one, but it turned out to be a female which are illegal to keep.

DSC_6224.jpegLooking down the beach at Tow Hill

DSC_6227.jpegCrabbing out in front of Agate Beach


I’ll give a quick status update before we head off on our sailing trip. Naomi is having troubles with restless leg syndrome. The doctors thought it might have been low iron, but here blood tests didn’t support that theory. Dad is having problems with sore joints. His hips and knees have been aching, probably due to some kind of arthuritic condition. He will have to see a specialist in Vancouver before we leave Canada. His neck is also bothering him because of an inflamed nerve, though it’s slowly starting to go away. All the medical issues are stressing Mom out a little. We are all getting along fairly well, though there has been a little bit of bickering recently. I am missing the ability to disappear into my room for some alone time. All in all though, we are doing really well. The meal/dishes groups are working out really well and everyone is pulling their weight.



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