August 28, 2016 (Queen Charlotte City, Haida Gwaii)

Walmart was honestly not that much worse than most RV parks. I still slept well, though you would never know it by how much I slept on the ferry. Once on Haida Gwaii, we headed through Queen Charlotte City where we found a large, secluded campsite right on the ocean in Kagan Bay. The vegetation on the island is really something else; everything is dark green. Large fern bushes grow under huge, looming trees. In the water, seals are herding salmon towards the shore, and every few minutes a salmon will fully breach the water to get away from the seals. This is going to be an incredible section of the trip.

DSC_6130.jpegExploring around Kagan Bay


We spent our next couple of days hanging out on the beach. We caught a few salmon, and they are the strongest fish I have ever fought. Dad says they fight even harder than the big lake trout he caught. They are only about 5-10 m off shore, and they never go after our hooks. The only way to get one is to snag it as your hook passes through the school. We kept one to see how it tasted and determined that the lake trout was better. The rest of our time was spent taking long walks along the beach looking for small crabs, interesting rocks, and tide pools. The weather has been unfortunately wet which is what we should expect on the coast I guess.

DSC_6120.jpegCatching salmon off the shore in Kagan Bay


We are looking into opportunities on the island. We really want to get down to Gwaii Haanas, but it seems like most of the tours down there are finished for the season. Gwaii Haanas covers the bottom third of the Island, and is a national park as well as several Haida heritage sites. According to National Geographic in 2005, Gwaii Haanas was the number 1 national park in Canada and the U.S.A.. We saw an add for a 2 for 1 ,7 day sailing trip into Gwaii Haanas, and when we called the guy, he said he could fit us all on. There were 2 issues surrounding the trip. Firstly, the cost was still a little out of our price range despite the 2 for 1 deal. We have a lot more time left in the year, so we are being very careful with what we spend our money on. Bill seemed fairly flexible with the price so we decided to ask him if he could bring it down a bit when we next talked to him. The other problem would be that the trip doesn’t start until September 4th. This would mean that the earliest we could get off the island would be September 11th, which might cause us to sacrifice time in another portion of the trip.


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