I don’t remember the day…

August 13, 2016

We went to meet Mom’s cousin Lynn and her husband who had  6 of their 10 children with them. They were stranded in Dawson, sleeping in a church, because the Dempster highway was washed out (that’s why we can’t go hiking in the tombstone mountains.) They live way up North in Fort McPherson. We decided to spend the day with them.

We went to the park to have a snack and to watch the parade for Dawson’s Discovery Day (way more candy than in Invermere’s Canada Day parade). All of the kids except for the 6 year old twins went to meet Mom’s new BFF (who doesn’t know her) to learn some fun things on the guitar and ukelele. Then, because we were all sweating like dogs, we walked back across the ferry to change into shorts and t-shirts, and came back to play basket ball with our second cousins (I think they are second cousins if they are my Mom’s cousin’s children.) while the parents and young kids went for a hike. After sweating even more and getting hyped for swimming, we realized the pools were closed   at 3:00, it was 6:00… missed it by that much. Later that night they came over for a nice sausage and potato dinner and a campfire. They were over till almost 10, but had to leave because the ferry was going to have a shift change soon, and the twins and Naomi (their daughter not my sister) were tired (so was I).


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