Day 28

August 22, 2016

Today started off great. We did our work out,  had a good breakfast, got a canoe to canoe Boya Lake,  but then disaster struck. Dad accidentally snagged a tree while attempting to back out of a narrow road when we were changing campsites, and ripped off one of the panels on the back of the moho. Fortunately, it didn’t do too much damage and could have been way worse, but still. I’m not too sure what was damaged because, well, I’m not a mechanical engineer, so if you want the details on all that go read Luke’s post (he probably has way more descriptive stuff…) Anyways, Dad and the boys worked all afternoon fixing it and now it looks brand new!! (Mom, Naomi and I suntanned, and went canoeing because we couldn’t really help.) All in all they got the job done thanks to the pizza, lemonade, and pie that Naomi, Mom and I made for lunch. We had a campfire and Naomi and Jake had a drawing contest drawing mermaids.  After spaghetti we all fell asleep fast because the workout was prime. (Again very productive… 🙂 )


2 thoughts on “Day 28

  1. We are enjoying your blog Hannah….sounds like you are having a great trip. Hope you get used to the exercise/ running soon. (I think you may have a bit of your Auntie Monique in you….it was never and still isn’t my thing – just ask your mom – she can probably share a few stories from high school). Uncle Paul says if you do something for 28 days it becomes a habit so, power through! You may find you will start to crave it just like him!
    Glad the Moho was able to be repaired. Your dad is a smart guy and I’m sure Luke and Jake have learned a few tricks over the years. You are in good hands.
    Keep the stories coming…I’m always excited when there is a new post read.
    Auntie Monique


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