August 21, 2015


Yesterday we went on a hike up Monarch Mountain, a local day hike near Atlin, with Leo DeGroot, a fellow we met at our campground. He’s from Nelson, BC and it turns out that he is good friends with Trevor Kinley and Nancy Newhouse, friends of ours from Invermere. The hike took about 2 hours to get to the top with lots of breaks along the way. It was a steep hike with minimal switchbacks so we were sweating when we reached the top. There was a good view of the lake, surrounding peaks, and glaciers with the key feature being an island in the middle of the lake that’s supposed to be the highest fresh water island in the world relative to the water level. The island looks like any of the surrounding mountains, but in the middle of the water. A cool ice/gravel slide flows down the front of this mountain that the locals sometimes skidoo up in the winter.

DSC_5722.JPGView from Monarch Mountain

On our way down from the hike, we stopped to check out Jane Wilder’s house. Jane used to live in Invermere, but she moved to Atlin several years ago. At one point she was looking at house sitting for us while we were away, but the timing didn’t work out. Jane’s house is a nice log cabin with interesting custom made log furniture and great art work inside. She has lots of nice flowers and a raspberry patch full of juicy red berries which we enjoyed!

DSC_5728.JPGJane Wilder and her cabin


One thing that we have heard from multiple different sources is how few bugs there have been this year. I originally thought that people just over exaggerated how bad the bugs would be up North, but I think we just got really lucky with our timing this year.


Today, we drove for 7-8 hours from Atlin, down the Stewart-Cassiar Highway, to Boya Lake. We stopped for a quick fish at Veronica Lake where I broke my rod, then Mom and I split off from the rest of the group driving the car to go get some groceries in Watson Lake. On our way out of the grocery store, we made a friend. A raven landed on the hood of the Suzuki and wouldn’t get off until we were cruising down the highway.  He was the most rickety, beat up looking bird I have ever seen. The upper part of his beak was twisted about 45º to his right so that he couldn’t close it properly and he had big bald patches all over his head. I am amazed he has managed to survive with his injuries. Perhaps he stays alive by charming people into giving him food.

DSC_5751.jpgFishing at Veronica Lake

After a long day, we finally made it to Boya Lake. It is a beautiful aquamarine lake with an interesting island network that I am itching to explore. It’s so nice here we are considering spending an extra day here tomorrow to fish and canoe around.We will have to have a vote I guess.



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