Day 20

August 14, 2016

It’s been 20 days.. Wow, it doesn’t feel like it has been almost three weeks since we started our journey, although I am getting used to the small space and the cooking rotations and the exercise program.

We started our day off with church with our second cousins, then a bunch of pictures in front of the Zehnderprise. After that we said goodbye; we were heading to Whitehorse again!! I love Whitehorse, I don’t know why, but it has been my favorite place so far and unlike Dawson, there is a book store there;)

We were on the road for about 4 hours before we stopped at the Tagè Cho Hudan Interpretive Centre in Carmacks to collect our last stamp!!! (now we can enter a draw  to win 2 troy ounces of Klondike placer gold.)

In Whitehorse we stayed yet again at the Hi Country RV campground (feels like home..)


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