Day 19

August 12, 2016

In exactly one month it will be my birthday! I don’t know if I’ll be able to live another month in this small space with these crazy people. I can’t complain though, this trip has been pretty cool!

The day consisted of trying to get our passport filled out and doing school work. Other than that, we ate ice cream and were lazy.

To expand on the passport subject, we figured out that we didn’t actually have to pay and go into each museum to get the stamp… they give them to you for free, then ask you if you want to go into the museum.. I still learned a lot, even though I can’t think of anything off the top of my head. We still decided that we (the kids) should go into the Commissioners House! It was a really cool old house/mansion built in the early 1900‘s. Naomi played the piano and we ended with a tea party on the deck overlooking the flower gardens.

At around 8:30, Luke, Mom and Dad went to Diamond Tooth Gertie’s which is a bar, and was the first casino in Canada, to watch some dancing and singing. Meanwhile Jacob is watching TV, Naomi is reading, and I am doing math (fun right.)


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