Day 16

August 9, 2016

Every time I have to get up early to exercise, it makes me want to go home, snuggle with my cat and eat Kraft Dinner. But there is no going back now so… I’ll have to just keep on keeping on…. ): Other than having to get up at 8:30 and having to exercise, I can’t complain.

We got on the road as soon as we ate breakfast, trying our best to make it to Dawson City. On the way, we stopped at a museum to get another stamp in our passports. We stopped again for some more food and at a bakery for some crêpes. We stopped yet again at the information centre in Beaver Creek.

We pulled on to the side of the road somewhere along the Taylor Highway. The view was beautiful so that’s where we spent the night. Jacob found some blueberry bushes so all the kids went berry picking. We got a whole container full, and man they taste good.

Sushi for dinner was heaven even though I wasn’t very hungry (I still ate a lot of it…)


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