Day 12

We tried to wake up early, but that didn’t work out so well. I think it will get easier, like waking up for school every morning.

The workout was short but sweet and went by fast.

After some food, we started heading to Haines Junction.

Only a quick stop at a gas station to gas up, and a few more stops at some pretty sites, and we got to Haines Junction in time for lunch. Dad and I made lunch in the parking lot of the Information Centre while the others looked around.

We were off for Haines not long after that(Haines and Haines Junction are two different places).

While the men went out in the car to find a campsite once we were in Haines, Naomi and I had an eyebrow contest… (on Mom’s eyebrows…. to see who was better at doing eyebrows. We each picked an eyebrow (I was better obviously I’m “Hannah the Perfect” duhhh.))

We are in Alaska which is in the United States, so we don’t have cell phones or health insurance… Uh oh (Zehnders tend to get hurt a lot…right now I have a little bone poking out of my wrist and it hurts like a lot… Luke screwed up his shoulder somehow, and Dad is getting arthritis in his hips or something of the sorts… so not having health care probably isn’t the greatest for us… Mom and Dad are also freaking because Jacob is a very reckless kid…(he is practicing his “sick cat walks” even more now that Mom and Dad are threatening that they won’t take him to the hospital if he gets hurt. Always pushing the limits.)  It turns our we did have health coverage, we just weren’t sure at the time.

We wound our way through the tiny streets of Haines until we found the campground. The place we stayed at was really cool! The forest right behind us was like a large group of soldiers standing still with each tree identical  one after the other. We settled in with big juicy burgers for dinner..

That night it was as if we were at home, on the farm. It was all so quiet, no cars, no traffic or highways, just silence. I fell asleep just like that.


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