Day 11

We were waking up earlier and earlier, and now, next thing we know, we are getting up later and later… getting out the door for runs and workouts at 9:00, instead of 7:00. This time we went to the Fish Ladder and ran from there. It was a wonderful 5 km loop (the scenery not the running part).

The fish ladder was really interesting. It was showing how the power company (who built the dam that disturbed the salmon’s migration) made this passage to their spawning grounds.

We all smelled horrible by the time we got back, so most of us headed off to the showers… I came back to a much appreciated breakfast.

Mom and the crew headed off, while Luke and I stayed back to use the wifi for school. It really turned into Luke loading my school work and me reading. But all in all it was a pretty relaxing day..

After dinner we headed to the Takini Hot Springs. (We are trying to hit all of the hot springs if you haven’t connected those dots) The springs were yet again another pot of human soup, and man was it hot!!!

When we got back Mom made us some biscuits and apple cider, then we went to bed so we were ready for the long day ahead. We were finally ready to leave Whitehorse!


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