Luke Zehnder Appreciation Day (August 11, 2016)

It was my birthday today. Mom and Dad took over my cooking duties and let me sleep in. They cooked me up a big pancake breakfast and we ate them with the blueberries we picked at the pull out 2 days ago. Our campground is across the Yukon River from town and you have to take a ferry to get across. They run it 24 hrs a day. Last night we tried to cross at rush hour and had to wait 45 mins for it, but today we got on right away so we will have to time our trips to town.

We ran a 5 km loop around the city and then went to the pool for a swim and a shower. Post pools, we went to the information centre where we asked if there was any more information about the Dempster Highway. We were extremely disappointed to find out that it will not be opening for four to five days. In the parking lot we overheard a conversation about the highway, and it sounds like there are 12 different washouts. Some people are even trapped in between washouts and are camping on the side of the highway. The Tombstones were one of the major reasons we wanted to come north, so you can understand why we would be sad about not being able to visit them. Despite the bad news, I had a delicious birthday dinner at the Drunken Goat, a Greek restaurant. We are calling it an early night so we can leave Dawson tomorrow if we want to or check out some of the many historical sites in the city.



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