August 19, 2016

On Wednesday the 17th we drove down to Atlin. The town is like a miniature version of Invermere. It’s situated on the shore of a big lake and surrounded by stunning peaks. The community is a very close knit population of only about 300 permanent residents. Oddly enough, there are a lot of people here that have connections to the Columbia Valley. The first evening we were there, we heard of three or four different people who had lived in the Kootenays at some point in their lives.


Rain plagued our Thursday, only the second rainy day we have had, so we spent our afternoon doing homework and driving around town visiting the various shops. From our experience, the customer service in Atlin is really lacking. They must take their lunch very seriously in Atlin as the information centre turned away another family of six or seven people to break for lunch. Maybe I’m just being a snobby tourist, but if your tiny town needs the tourism, you would think that good customer service would be the easy part. In the evening, we watched Greece and tried out the VCR. This has resulted in much humming and spontaneous singing from various members of our family. Dad was a little sceptical of the RV having a TV in it, but it’s kinda fun to have a family movie night on a rainy day.



Today we went fishing with Gary Hill, the local fishing guide. Mom and Hannah stayed at home, but the rest of us were up and on the boat by 9:00. He took us down the lake a ways where we spent our afternoon trolling large spoons for lake trout. Two hours in we still hadn’t caught anything and I was getting a little concerned. At 11:05, Naomi got a hit. She spent 20 minutes battling a 45 inch, 32 pound lake trout 70 ft to the boat! We figured that was all our fishing luck, but after another 2 hour interval, Dad reeled in a 41 inch, 25 pounder! Jake caught two 6-7 pounders, and I caught nada… Dad says I will get the first chance at a big fish when we go saltwater fishing, so we’ll see if I can make up for it.


Here’s a little insight for those interested in the finer details regarding life in close quarters. About a week ago, after a particularly bad day, we had to set a limit on the number of meals containing beans. It was decided that one meal per day is allowed to contain beans. With such close quarters and so many people, the smell becomes a little too much to handle. We had a Mexican bean salad today, so we will see if the limit is enough, or if we have to eliminate beans from our diet all together…


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