August 16, 2016

Yesterday we met Dave. Mom’s cousin Lynn gave us his phone number and told us to call him if we wanted to go rafting down the Yukon River in Whitehorse. We called Dave and he told us that he had some work on his house to do, but he would be happy to take us the next day. We offered to help him with his house and he said that if we did, we could probably go rafting this evening. After a quick dinner we packed into the Suzuki and headed over to Dave’s. We moved some gravel around and tarred some of his basement for an hour and a half before we headed off to the river. I expected it to be a little rougher than it was, but it was a nice float in between some canyon walls. The walls varied in height from about 10-40 ft. There were some interesting basalt pillar formations as well. We considered doing some cliff jumping, but decided against it because the sun was already down and the water was cold. That evening we hosted Dave for some munchies and Dutch Blitz. It’s amazing how fast you can go from meeting someone new to enjoying a competitive game of Dutch Blitz!


Today we slept in because of our late night of partying with Dave. We went to the rec centre for a swim and had a good long soak. The people of Whitehorse are lucky to have access to such a nice facility. Besides the pool, there is also court for basketball and volleyball, an indoor turf for soccer or other field sports, an indoor track, and a weight room. Access to the whole facility for the day cost $17 for the family, and I’m planning on going back for some drop in volleyball tonight.


I’m not sure how much longer we will be in Whitehorse. We wanted to put a dent into the girl’s school work, but Naomi can’t continue without some marking done by her teacher, and Hannah doesn’t want to move on without taking the first unit test which she doesn’t have the password for. If no progress can be made, Atlin looks like our next destination. There should be some fishing there, as well as potentially a horse back trip.


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