August 14, 2016

We decided to spend a couple of extra days in here to wait for Mom’s cousin Lynn and her family who were heading north through Dawson and home to Fort McPherson. There was an art festival going on while we were here, so we spent some time at that on Friday afternoon. There was live music and lots of crafts being sold. Friday night, my parents and I went to Diamond Tooth Gertie’s. It’s supposedly the oldest casino in Canada and it, like everything else in Dawson, is done up like it was in the gold rush days. All the staff dresses up in early 1900s costumes and they have a show complete with can can girls and a singing Gertie. On Saturday, we finally met up with Lynn and her family and spent the day with them playing basketball at a local court and having a campfire. We were able to fit their 8 people and our 6 all in the living room of the Zehnderprise. We forgot to take any pictures though.


The decision has been made to start heading south. We considered trying to get through on the Dempster, but decided against it because we have no way to change a flat tire on the moho and it generally seemed like a needles risk to take. As much of a disappointment as it is, we won’t be hiking the Tombstones on this trip. We are heading back to Whitehorse today where we will consider where to go next. Either we head to Atlin BC, or we continue down Highway 37 to Prince Rupert and eventually to Haida Gwaii.


We are finally getting comfortable and organized in the close quarters. The sleeping arrangement is pretty well set at this point with parents and the girls on the bunk queen beds in the back, and Jake and I on the table and fold down couch in the front. Almost everyone has found a cupboard somewhere to store their clothes and trinkets, though we had to do some rearranging. We put the things that weren’t being used as often in the underneath compartments to create more room up top. The Zehnderprise is starting on its own now. We haven’t had to try it more than a few times in quite a while. Things are looking pretty good right about now!


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