August 10, 2016

The topography of the Yukon is one of the most interesting parts of the territory. There are so many vastly different landscapes in such a small area. Everything from mountains, to foothills, to tundra, all packed into one territory. Today was spent on a winding road that rolled over green hills which were virtually treeless. The few trees that were there, were short enough that they didn’t impede the view. When you crested a hill top, you could see the road disappearing behind another hill about a half hour ahead. In the middle of this green ocean lies a little town called Chicken. Downtown Chicken consists of a long, low building split into 3 parts: the gift shop/ convenience store, the saloon, and the bakery/restaurant. All of downtown Chicken is owned by Sue. Sue is exactly the type of woman you would expect in a small Alaskan town of 15 permanent residents. She is blunt in a way that only small town folk are, never wasting any words trying to sound fancy. You will get no false customer service smile from her. She has been in Chicken for 25 years. Her cooking is clearly not affected by her isolation, and we all enjoyed a mean breakfast of eggs, toast, and caribou sausage.

Finally in Dawson. The Top of the World Highway from Chicken to Dawson City was a narrow gravel road next to steep grassy slopes with no safety barriers. It was slightly nerve racking to say the least, especially when passing other motor homes. Our first stop was the visitor’s centre in Dawson. This became our second home while we were there as it had the only wifi in town. We have come up against the biggest obstacle in our trip so far. We were hoping to do a 3 day hike in the Tombstone Mountains, but the people at the visitor centre informed us that the Dempster Highway has been washed out in the bad spots and has an inch of slippery mud in the good ones. They are uncertain how long it will take to fix, so we will wait for one or two days to see if it clears up. I was really looking forward to the hike and I will be very disappointed if we have to miss it. One can only wait and see I guess.


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