August 9, 2016

I realized I forgot to talk about the pass between Haines Junction and Haines. The pass between Haines Junction and Haines is probably the most stunning road I have ever driven. On the way there we were blessed with blue skies the whole way. The pass goes through some spectacular peaks, with white and blue glaciers in between them. The surrounding hills were all alpine with very little trees.

Unfortunately, the way back was plagued by clouds and light showers which made sure we could only see 200 m ahead of the RV.


Yesterday, we made it all the way to Destruction Bay. We camped in an RV park on the edge of Kluane Lake. The lake itself is very interesting. At one end, the lake bottom is so flat that the shoreline retreats many kilometers as the water level drops. This results in an exposed lake bed that is about 2 km across. The dust devils in the distance gave the whole place a desert feel. The most amusing part, however, was where the dry mud met the current shore of the lake. The water made the top three inches of mud squishy and slippery. You could see the tracks of where previous barefoot adventurers, and even their dogs spent a few hours exploring. Our afternoon was spent running in shin deep mud, feeling it squish between our toes and seeing how far we could slide on the surface. The experience was certainly unique!


Today was spent in the RV Making lots of progress toward Dawson City. We drove all day and wound up staying the night on the side of the highway just outside of Chicken, Alaska. Jake found a bunch of wild blueberries close by and we picked a tub full. It was a quiet evening, and I finished my book only to be left with that empty feeling of wanting more. All together we have read something like 10 or 11 books between the 6 of us, and Dad is starting to get annoyed by it. “Put down the books!” has become the saying that has replaced his old favorite “Get off the screen!”.


One thought on “August 9, 2016

  1. Looks spectacular! I love reading your blog entries and follow your adventures from South Africa. Makes me want to plan a big trip 😆


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