Day 9

August 3, 2016

After a beautiful scenic run along the river and a lesson from Mom on how to breath properly to avoid another stitch in my side, we decided to walk back to the car through the city (a more direct route back.) We stopped at a small cafe for breakfast (many bowls of beef soup and some tea). It was Dad’s and my day for meals, we spent 30$ at the cafe which blew our food budget for the day…

Back at the Zehnderprise we ate nachos for lunch and then went exploring.

The SS Klondike was our first stop. The gigantic river boat was turned into a museum, and was also another stop for a stamp in our passport. It was used to transport supplies and people up and down the Yukon River during the gold rush in the early 1900‘s.Next was The Old Log Church, and the interesting story about the man who ate his boots because he got lost for many days on a canoe trip. Before we went into the next museum to listen to some fiddlers, we went to get a snack in a near-by bakery. Past our  budget today for sure I think….

The fiddling concert at the MacBride Museum of Yukon History was amazing, they made it look so easy. Afterward I was exhausted, which made going to sleep so much better!  I’m getting used to my new bedroom and it is feeling more like home.


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