Day 8

August 2, 2016

The mornings are slowly getting easier. 7:00 still turns into 7:30, but what can you expect from 4 teenagers? We did our circuits for the day: steps, dead-bug abdominal things, bicep weight things, one armed rows, burpies, and a timing/rest station.

I have to say Luke and Naomi’s meals are getting better. For breakfast pancakes and bacon…

We packed up then started on the road again this time heading for Whitehorse!

We stopped at the George Johnston Museum in Teslin but first we had fish tacos for lunch. The museum was a very interesting museum (like most.) It holds the largest Tlingit artifact collection in the Yukon, and is named after the Tlingit leader George Johnston. After looking around for about a half an hour we went back to the RV to go to the next museum.

The Teslin Tlingit Heritage Centre was the next stop. We handed our Yukon Gold Explorer’s Passport (A passport for all of the museums in the Yukon. If you get it stamped at each museum you can enter a draw to win 2 troy ounces of Klondike placer gold) to the lady to stamp then headed into the room where a woman was giving a presentation on how she tans her moose hides. The presentation was really cool, she showed us the tools she uses, and how each notch on the scraper thing was each moose or caribou that had been skinned and smoked by the 5 generations before her. We looked around, chowed down on some bannock, then went down to the beach to check out the boats and to skip rocks. Mom insisted that we take pictures so we headed to the totem poles and poked our heads out behind while Mom snapped a few shots, then we drove straight to Whitehorse.

The Hi Country RV campsite was yet again another big parking lot separated by a few trees to mark each space, but with hot showers and great laundry facilities. Luke, Naomi, Mom, and Dad went into town to get some groceries for the alfredo pasta that we ate for dinner.


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