Day 7

August 1, 2016

We have survived a whole week in the Zehnderprise! The day started off with a fun run, 32 minutes. I have a deep loathing relationship with running, it hurts me, so I shun it as much as possible.

Anyway, it was nice to go for a swim in the warm springs at 8:00am to rest my sore muscles. We got back, ate, then were on our way to our next destination, Watson Lake. Finally in the Yukon!

We had been driving for a couple of minutes, when two men flagged us down and asked for jumper cables. We didn’t have any, but being the nice people we are we said we had a jumper box.

Mom was determined that they were going to stab Dad so she sent Luke and Jacob to go with him. Sacrifice the boys, good one Mom. They were gone for a few minutes, and in that short time, Mom had grabbed a knife out of the sink and was ready to run across the street to their rescue if needed… The men didn’t stab them; in the end Mom had been stressing for no reason and returned to her normal self.

We saw a lot more Wood buffalo, but this time in multiple herds, wallowing in the dust pits (like Dad said)!! They are so fascinating; their legs are very small compared to the rest of their body. I don’t know how they can support their huge head and torso.

We made a quick stop at a gas station in the middle of no where to get gas, buy some soft ice cream (mandatory) and fishing licenses.

Once we made it to the grumpy scottish guy’s campsite, we went out to explore the Watson Lake town. The town was extremely small but also known for their Sign Post Forest. People from all over leave a sign from their home town on a post in the forest.  A guy started the tradition when the Alaska Highway was being built. We bought some grapes and peaches and headed back after an hour or so.

Dinner and an early slumber was greatly appreciated by all.


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