August 6, 2016

Starship Zehnderprise Day 12

Quick summary of yesterday: We saw the fish ladder, which was mildly interesting (a ladder for the salmon to swim up to avoid the hydro dam on their way back to spawn), and the natural hot springs pools, which were the worst ones so far (basically a big hot tub with yellow water). I got a lot of work done though. We also met Gary who was camping beside us. He was an extremely interesting man, and within five minutes  Dad and Gary were discussing the philosophy of education. He gave us his contact info when we said goodbye and told us we might be able to meet him in San Diego. We decided to head to Haines Junction, and then continue on to Haines today. The ignition problems seem to have somehow self solved. Sometimes we have to try the key a few times, but it always seems to start without assistance.


There were a lot of casualties at the boarder. We made a spontaneous decision yesterday to go to Haines, and it cost us 3 avocados, 1 tomato, 4 peppers, and 4-5 oranges. The boarder guard explained that the food that they confiscate gets shipped to Seattle where it is destroyed. One has to wonder if there is really such a difference between Yukon and Alaskan fruit that they need to expend all those resources to keep them separate. Another result of the spontaneity of our decision was that we thought we did not have health insurance for the duration of our stay here. The problem was that we didn’t think about the need until past 5:00. All the insurance companies were closed, and would remain closed over Sunday. Likely, we will call first thing Monday morning even though we will be heading back to Canada.


Note: We found out later that we actually were covered! Still scary though!


Haines is quite an expensive little fishing village. The food costs more here in American dollars than it would in Invermere in Canadian dollars. The first campsite on the way into town costs upwards of $60 per night plus a fee for each person past two people. We decided that $100 CAN per night for a mediocre RV lot was not in our cards, so we found a state park 7 miles out of town. The park sites are in a heavily wooded area, so we got to set up Jake’s hammock. The sites have a table, bench and fire pit, and are very private which we very much like. We are about a 10 minute walk from the ocean where Naomi got some lovely photos as per usual. For only $15 per night, I think we can deal with the drive to town.


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