August 4, 2016

Starship Zehnderprise Day 10

Everyone work up a little more tolerant this morning. Today was more museums as well. We visited the Yukon Beringia Interpretive Centre and the Yukon Transportation Museum. TheYukon Beringia Interpretive Centre was all about the Siberian land bridge in regards to both animal and human movement between continents. I found a lot of the material to be interesting as well. I never knew, for example, that horses and camels evolved in North and South America, then migrated into Asia and proceeded to go extinct in the Americas. I always thought horses were introduced to America when the Europeans came, but really they were reintroduced. TheYukon Transportation Museum was interesting from an engineering stand point. People were pretty creative when it came to transportation in the north. There were plenty of innovations that allowed people to travel across snow. I am pretty well museumed out at this point though, and will be looking forward to getting back on the road. We are likely going to spend one more day in Whitehorse in order to work on some school and see the last few attractions we wanted to get to. After that, we either keep heading north toward the Tombstones or we head back south to see if we can do some fishing down by Atlin. We will probably put it to a vote.


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