August 3, 2015

Starship Zehnderprise Day 9

Our morning run along the Yukon River was perfect! The temperature was just cool enough and the rain held off until we were finished. We ran for half an hour along the Yukon River past various museums and heritage sites. On the walk back through town, we found a quaint little local cafe to shelter us from the rain. The plan was just to get a snack, but five bowls of soup and three cups of tea later, we racked up a 60$ bill…

The Information Centre was our first stop where we did some much needed school and blog work. From there we went to the Old Log Church Museum. The log work on the museum was exquisite, but there was very little else besides a story about a bishop who ate his boots. The Yukon seems to have many small museums even within one town instead of one museum per town. Finally, we wound up at the MacBride Museum of Yukon History for a fiddle concert. It wasn’t a formal concert or anything, but the music was lively and set my foot a-tappin’. It was during a break in the performance where I commented on how team LN has had the best meals thus far. Of coarse team RJ was quick to disagree, but we both agreed teasingly that the meals from team MH have been the worst of the three. It seemed a joke at first, but by the time we got back home the argument was quite real. In classic bull-headed Zehnder style, neither side backed down and we are currently all just working or reading to cool off. I hope the result of this is that it becomes a competition to have the best meals. Knowing how competitive we all are, we would eat like Kings! To be fair, the food has been great so far and my actual complaints (beyond a bit of teasing) about Dad and Hannah’s cooking are virtually non-existent. I think a good nights sleep will do us well.


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