July 31, 2016

Starship Zehnderprise Day 6

We made it to Liard Hot Springs Yesterday from Triple ‘G’ RV park in Fort Nelson And we are planning on staying here an extra day. We hadn’t seen any wildlife since Jasper, but we were lucky enough to see a caribou and some wild bison. We couldn’t scramble and get the camera in time for the caribou, but Naomi got some nice pictures of the bison. Liard hot springs is pretty amazing! We stayed in the overflow last night, but today we moved to an actual spot. On long weekends they only let you book all three days as a package, so we were fortunate enough to run into a couple who only wanted it for Saturday. We paid them for their last day and everyone went home happy. In terms of development, Liard is right between Radium and Lucier. They have a nice, unheated change rooms, and a wooden platform with steps going down to the water. There are two pools that make up the springs: an upper pool which is hotter and more developed, and a lower pool which is cooler and more natural. Both pools are surrounded by the natural earth but the main pool has a gravel bottom instead of mud and rocks. Seating is a wooden step on the change room side of the upper pool. Cement benches placed in the middle provide additional seating for those extra busy days. The lower pool has no seating though it does have a few logs to use as buoyancy assists. There is a nice little waterfall flowing over the upper pool dam down to the lower pool with some benches beneath so you can sit an let the water pour over you. There used to be an additional pool farther up the path, but the Alpha pool was closed to preserve a species of snail that has only been found here, something about eating a special sulphur algae or something. The camp director was unsympathetic to the snail cause and told us that it was the ‘tree-huggers’ that got the Alpha pool closed. I guess I would be considered a tree-hugger then. I would rate Liard Hot Springs a 10/10 and would highly recommend them to anyone who’s thinking of going.


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