July 29, 2016

Starship Zehnderprise Day 4
Captain: Mark/Luke
Navigator: Ruth

No Liard River Hot Springs reservation for us, so we are sticking around Grand Prairie for a little longer. We are trying to find a bike rack because currently our bikes are stored in the Suzuki which makes taking them in and out quite tedious. We can either get a ladder rack for the RV, a spare tire rack for the Suzuki, or a roof rack for the Suzuki.


Dad and I drove around Grande Prairie for an hour looking for some place that sold bike racks. We went to a bike store that was closed, and eventually found a section of town with 4 different RV places all next to one another. The first one didn’t have anything, but directed us to where we might find a bike rack. We purchased an RV rack mostly due to the fact that it was all they had and we didn’t want to drive around looking for another store. After setting it up it seemed a little precarious, but we Zehnderized it a bit and hoped for the best.


More starting issues. We are going to try and find the loose connection. It only seems to be a problem after the Zehnderprise has been sitting overnight. I realize this is evidence to the parasitic draw theory, but the way she acts when starting up convinces me it’s a loose connection. The engine will be silent except for the click of the starter while dad tries it over and over, and suddenly it will start up like there isn’t even a problem. We are going to check a bunch of the connections tonight if we find the time.


We stopped in Fort St. John for some gas and groceries. Fortunately, we came across a sweet deal on both! If we brought 35$ worth of groceries, we would get 5¢ off per litre of gas. Mom and the kids headed in for groceries and Dad stayed with the RV to run the Suzuki (you have to run the engine every 300 km to cycle the fluids). We got all our groceries and head back to the RV where Dad asked us if we got the 35$ worth of goods. Much to our dismay, when we looked at our receipt…$34.55 just 45¢ short. Now that’s comedy!


It was a long day of driving today. Most people just settled into their entertainment of choice. The topography changed once again. The road winds through small hills parallel to the mountains, but never into them. All around there is a sea of trees and rolling hills and nothing else. It is cool to think you could get lost in the forest for days and never see the open air. The feeling is similar to being in a boat on the open ocean on a windy day. Normally all you can see is the back of the swell right in front of you, but every now and then, you come to the top of a swell and can see much farther. The only thing there is, however, is more water; endless water in all directions. It was through this sea of trees that I was able to have my first experience in the captain’s chair. The ocean analogy was actually quite accurate in this case as the Zehnderprise handles much like a ship. The steering is floaty and she always seems to drift to the starboard side.


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