July 28, 2016

Starship Zehnderprise Day 3
Captain: Mark
Navigator: Jacob

There were more issues starting the Zehnderprise this morning. At this point we have two theories:
1) There is a parasitic draw that is draining the battery overnight
2) There is a loose cable or wire preventing power to the starter
We were only able to start it when Jacob was wiggling cables this morning which leads me to believe it is a loose or frayed cable. If we can’t figure it out, we might have to bring the ol girl into the shop.


Departure from Wildhorse Lake: 1120
Next stop: Grand Prairie


Not much to report today. We just drove through the foothills most of the day. We are staying at the Country Road RV Park outside of Grand Prairie. Despite having full services, I find it a little lacking in seclusion and scenery. The campground is a large gravel parking lot in the middle of a corn field. There is a thick row of trees interrupting both the wind and the view from entering the campsite. The sites are stacked together like a parking lot separated by a board and a few trees. I’m beginning to wonder if all RV parks are just oversized parking lots and not the secluded campsites I was hoping for. We are now fairly certain that the Zehnderprise’s ignition issues are due to a weak connection. Dad spent some time wiggling connections and trying the ignition, but it’s tough to tell exactly which wire it is when the engine seems to decide whether to start by the flip of a coin. We might have to buy a volt meter and test a bunch of wires in order to isolate the issue. The next big issue is where to stay for the long weekend. The decision has been made to stay in one place the whole weekend and weather the storm of long weekend campers. Unfortunately, most people who are going camping this weekend have already reserved their spots. We are looking at an open spot at Liard River Hot Springs, but the online site says we can only book the whole weekend as a package, and we only want Saturday and Sunday. The plan is to call first thing tomorrow and see if we can sneak in.


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