August 1, 2016

Starship Zehnderprise Day 7

Captain: Mark

Navigator: Luke

Watson Lake is our next stop and getting there should be relatively elementary! We had one last dip in the hot spring and set the coarse for North once again. It should only be a 3 hour drive today as long as everything goes smoothly.


Watson Lake Downtown RV Park is yet another large parking lot… It has full services though, and laundry which will be nice. I haven’t gone through too many cloths yet, but the few that I’ve used are in dire need of some soap and water.All of these RV parks advertise free wifi, but once you arrive they let you know that its only for a limited time and that you need to pay for more time. The whole system seems a little scamy to me, but they all do it. Fortunately there is a rec. centre close by that has more wifi, so we will head over there and see if we can work on the blog.

Our phones have decided to suddenly stop working. Telus was supposed to contact us at the end of July, but the phone they were going to call broke right before we left Invermere. We will try and contact them from the information centre in town to see if we can sort things out.


The sign post forest is neat. I couldn’t find Invermere anywhere, but that isn’t saying much.There is about 2 acres of posts all filled to the brim with signs. My estimate for the number of signs there would be about 10 to 20 thousand, but I could easily be way off. Uncountable would be a better description. The tradition was started by a homesick US soldier who put up his hometown on a cross roads post in Watson. Most of the signs there say the city name, the name of the people who were there, the year, and how far it is to their hometown. It’s cool to think that the actions of one guy inspired so many people to partake in this tradition. We didn’t leave anything.


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