July 27, 2016

Starship Zehnderprise Day 2

Captain: Mark

Navigator: Naomi

Dad figured we would naturally wake at 8:00. 9:00 is close enough for our first morning I guess.


We decided to take the Suzuki up to Moraine Lake for our run. When we got there, it was so busy cars were parked down the side of the road about a kilometre from the lake. We were running anyways so the extra distance didn’t hurt. Jacob conveniently forgot his running shoes in Invermere, so he was sadly unable to join us.


Back at the campground, we had to use the jumper box to start the Zehnderprise. This is obviously not something we want to have to do every time, we’ll have to figure something out.


Departure from Lake Louise Overflow Campground: 1155


Mom wanted to stay in Jasper tonight, but when I called ahead they didn’t have anything available for the 30′ monster we are traveling in. I have never driven the road between Lake Louise and Jasper. The unreal visuals were augmented by the huge windshield that felt like the front seat in an iMax theatre. I always feel so much more relaxed in the mountains. I think it’s because the constant stimulation of the city is so exhausting for me.


More ignition troubles. I think it must be a short or a blown fuse. One of the 12 V plug-ins decided to stop working as well. Despite our problems we made it to three ultra-tourist destinations today. The first being Moraine Lake, and the other two being Columbia Ice Fields and Miette Hot Springs. If you have never seen a glacier before, the ice fields are a must see, but really the only interesting part to me was seeing how far the glacier has receded over the last hundred years. In between the ice fields and the hot springs we came across an 8 pointed elk, and a grizzly lumbering around in the bush. The hot springs were a long way up a windy paved road. I really enjoyed the drive up despite Jacob trying to max out the speedometer. The pools are built around the view and you can look quite a ways down the valley. The facilities aren’t as nice as Radium Hot Springs, but the water felt amazing and the showers were much needed.


Our second night is at Wildhorse lake. The place is much greener and lush than the parking lot at Lake Louise. We have a secluded, pull through campsite with a fire pit and a picnic table. The place reminds me of Lake Enid for those who have been there. For those who haven’t, imagine a long bumpy road into a little campground in the trees beside a small fishing lake. There is a short, sandy beach that stretches about 500 m along the shore where we skipped rocks for an hour or two. Naomi got some nice photos of the lake in a twilight setting. The sun had just disappeared behind the last few mountains that could only be seen as dark lines against the light pink clouds.


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