July 26, 2016

Starship Zehnderprise Day 1

Captain: Mark
Navigator: Luke

Departure from Zehnder Farms: 16:39, July 26, 2016

Leaving your house behind is not that difficult. It will be there when you get back relatively unchanged. Your pets are a little harder. They live short lives and you don’t want them to forget you while you’re away. The hardest part about leaving is saying goodbye to those who might not be there when you get back. We kept our farewell short so as not to unset Grandpa, but for a 90 year old a year is a long time. Everyone got an “I love you very much”, but My dad and I received a few extra words. For my father, a thank you. “Thank you for all you have done for me, the farm, and your family.” For me, a charge. “Look after them,” he said motioning to my siblings.

Our first night is at the Lake Louise Overflow campground. It’s nothing fancy, just a big gravel parking lot. The ‘sites’ are just extended parking spaces, and there isn’t even a fire pit or picnic table. The site we chose is slightly tilted to the port side. I don’t think it will be a big deal, but Jacob is not a fan of the ‘friggen mountain slope’. We parked next to an older gentlemen who has his bed and table in the back of a covered Chevrolet pick-up. I thought at first that he must be quite cramped to have all his necessities crammed into such a small space, but on further reflection, I decided that he probably has more space per person than we do. It is going to be close quarters to be in here a whole 3 months.

We are starting our meal prep rotations today. We split up into three teams of two: Mark and Hannah, Ruth and Jake, and Luke and Naomi. For an entire day, one team cooks meals, one team cleans up, and one team gets a break day. I think we will have to plan and shop for meals a week in advance, but we may be able to go with the flow and get groceries as we cook. Now that we have left, our exercise program is starting up as well. Suffice it to say Jacob is not overjoyed with the prospect of getting up at 8:00 to go running. I am reserving my judgment until tomorrow.



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