Day 5

July 30, 2016

We figured out there was a one hour time change which made it a bit easier to wake up at 7:30 to do circuits (8:30 our time). This work out wasn’t as hard as the first one for me: 6 stations 45 seconds each, repeat 4 times; triceps dips, side plank, turkish get-ups, weird shoulder retraction thing, lunges, and rest/timing station.

We hit the showers for a long refreshing shower (it cost $1 again) while Naomi and Luke cooked breakfast sausage and eggs.  Then we were off on another short journey to the Liard River Hot Springs.

On the way we stopped to run the Suzuki (you have to run it every 300 km to circulate the oil in the transmission,) and the Zehnderprise failed to start again. So we decided to make lunch. Tuna sandwiches.

Within the last 20 minutes of our drive to the springs we saw a family of Wood Buffalos. A baby, (what a cute lil thang,) a male and female. I have never seen a buffalo before, so it was a very memorable experience.

We were yet again sent to the overflow campsite at the Liard Hot Springs campsite. But the upside to the situation is that we got a free family pass to the natural hot springs. We went and soaked in the scorching hot springs for about 2 hours. Then headed back to the overflow campsite (big parking lot again, but we got a pretty isolated   spot.) Naomi and Luke made shish-kabobs, veggies, and rice. We played a couple board games then slept.


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