Day 4

July 29, 2016

The mornings are getting earlier and earlier. We woke up at 7:00.. This run wasn’t hard it was just hot, my eyelids were drooping and my feet were shuffling the whole time. Also having Dad nagging the whole time about my form and how I’m not pushing myself hard enough made it that much worse(thanks a lot Dad…)

We got back and had showers, then with Mom and Jake on meals we had chicken sandwiches again, but this time for breakfast not lunch.

Dad and Luke went back to town to get a bike rack, Dad driving and Luke typing up a pros and cons list for having the rack on the Suzuki or on the Zehnderprise. It turns out they bought one for the back of the RV. We had an hour to use the campsite wifi then we were off. (Mom bought some homemade pierogies, and Luke and Naomi bought a Saskatoon pie.)

We stopped in Fort St. John to pick up a few groceries and gas. Along the way we saw a sweet deal; if we bought up to $35.00 worth of things in Safeway, we got 5 cents off per litre at the Safeway gas station. So my siblings and I headed into Safeway  with Mom and bought lots of yummy food. When we looked at our receipt, we realized we had only bought $34.55 worth of groceries. $0.45 short. Oh man…

We finally stopped after a couple more hours of driving for the first Captain shift. Dad was no longer the only Zehnder to drive the Zehnderprise. Luke was the new Captain… Oh man…

After we got settled in at the The Triple G campground in Fort Nelson, Mom and Jake made supper, pierogies, fish and corn… Then we went to bed. 


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