Day 3

July 28, 2016

This time we set an alarm, and woke up to it at 8:30 after agreeing 8:00 is too early. Today was circuit day, so Mom set up the 6 different stations and went through them all with us. Banded squats, two handed rows (thanks Tanta for giving us that handy TRX), skipping (the rope was way too small for all of us), plank, lunges with weights, and repeat 4 times 45 seconds each station. Fun, am I right or am I right?

Dad and I are currently in first place for best breakfast so far. Scrambled eggs and bacon. Everybody gobbled that up fast. (I’m a pretty hardcore bacon lover so I probably ate most of the bacon…)

We packed up camp and started on the road once again. After a few hours of driving and another chunk of family reading, we took a long stop at Walmart and Safeway. We picked up a few things like, six Finding Dory beach towels and some lunch and dinner supplies that we needed. After testing out a VCR in the TV I continued my job as meal preparer. Dad and I made some chicken sandwiches (they tasted pretty good I have to say.)

We got moving and buckled down for another 4 hour drive.

After stopping for road construction for a good hour or two, we finally made it to the Country Road RV park in Grand Prairie. Dad, Luke, and Jacob set up the water and sewage, and Naomi finished her book while Mom and I made tacos for dinner. I know I know, it was Dad’s day to prepare meals but Mom was kind enough to give him a break since he was driving, and figuring out the RV the whole time(it’s probably a tiring job.)

After tacos, Jake and I scouted the area and found the showers (you had to pay to shower…) Mom and I then went to the showers and when we got back the movie (RobinHood) that we had started earlier was on… We watched that till around 11:30, and by the time I got into bed I didn’t have time to dread the nasty run that was set for the morning.



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