Day 2

July 27, 2016

The exercise routine wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. After a few dynamic stretches we crammed into the Suzuki and headed to Moraine Lake. 10 minutes passed and we were still waiting, squished in the little car, for a chinese family who didn’t obey the sign that said “do not stop.”  We finally found a spot 1 kilometer away from the lake  and prepared to run. The 30 minute run was fine until the last kilometer when I couldn’t breath, yep that was fun… With some encouraging words and a pat on the back from Luke and Dad I finally made it, swearing not to do it again the next day.

With Luke and Naomi on meals for the day you would have to expect pizza for breakfast at 11 o’clock. I have to give it to them, the pizza that they chose at the bakery was the best pizza I’d had in a long time; it was just cheese and herbs but it was still pretty good.

Back at the campsite we had troubles starting the RV, of course. Some things have to go wrong, it’s inevitable. Eventually we got it going by jump starting it. We got on the road and started our long journey to the Columbia Ice Fields.

Once we found a parking space for our 30 ft RV, we headed up the trail. We were almost halfway to the glacier before someone realized that the trail we took didn’t lead to the glacier so we headed back to get the Suzuki and  drove to the actual trail. The Ice Fields were amazing; the hike to the top was short but somewhat steep. The most interesting part was seeing the markers that marked where the glacier had been in previous years, and seeing how much the glacier had receded through the years. We took a few family pictures then headed back down the slope.

We decided later that night that it would be a good idea to go and be a part of a human soup, (aka Miette hot springs.) The springs had 4 separate pools, two really cold ones (each were about twice the size of a kiddy pool,) one hot one and one warm one, (if you put them both together they would be about the size of Radium’s hot pool.) Overall the Miette hot springs were refreshing yet small, and were full of humans and human grossness like most public pools.

That night we camped at the Wildhorse Lake provincial campground in Hinton, Alberta. It was a beautiful campground. The lake was magnificent, there were tons of fish and the water looked as if it were glass. We set up, Luke and Naomi prepared some yummy beans and hotdogs for supper, and Dad made a fire. After dinner we sang and played guitar. Then while we read a very engaging chapter from Genesis, we roasted marshmallows. Finally our beds called to us and sleep came to each and every Zehnder in the Zehnderprise.


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