Day 1

July 26, 2016

4:09pm we said goodbye to our house and cat, 4:29pm we said goodbye to Grandpa and our Uncle John, 4:39pm we left the Zehnder farm for good. All the way to the bottom of our bumpy Johnston road we went over what we had packed, making sure we had everything.  It turns out I forgot a bathing suit and Jacob forgot running shoes. It’s not too bad considering we were packing for a year.

Our first night in the Zehnderprise was an interesting one. We were sent to the Lake Louise overflow campground (aka a big parking lot.) We chose our spot well making sure we parked right on the “friggen mountain slope” (as Jake would say,) then set up camp. Dinner consisted of delicious pasta and a shrimp and veggie stir fry. Pretty gourmet meal eh?

The night was spent dreading the exercise routine that was set for 8:00 in the morning. Apparently Dad’s mental alarm clock was set for  8:45.


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